Sunday, 3 November 2013

Cards, crafts and more cards!

I have been busy making cards.....Birthday, Sympathy, Thinking of you, Get well and of course Christmas cards!  This is the last one I made and I kind of like it.  It is much brighter than this picture shows, but thought I'd share it anyway.  Having loads of fun making cards and received more supplies the other day!  Always an exciting day when that a kid in a candy store!

Witchy Witch!

Just had to share Ms Witchy Witch with you.  She certainly won the hearts of the little people on trick or treat night........with her hat lit up and flashing different colours, she stole the show!  Thanks to my sister for making it!  Not sure if I want to put her away or just let her hang out with me for a while.  Hmm, I will have to think that one over.

I love Pumpkin!

I love Pumpkin cheesecakes, pumpkin pies and muffins, the colour pumpkin and most of all these adorable wooden pumpkins we made when my sister was here!  The lower pumpkin has a witch beside it and that is part of her hat you see!  Such character they have, don't you agree?

Where is Santa?

Has anyone seen Santa?  His Reindeer are hanging out at my place, waiting for Santa and Christmas!  So cute and pretty cheap to feed.

Preparing for Craft show!


When my sister was here, we were buried in my craft room making things and were running out of space for finished products...hence another 6 foot table on the wall outside the craft room!  One more  month of preparation for our craft show in December!